Privacy Policy


We at car-Selbstbaumöbel take the protection of your privacy very seriously. Therefore, we strictly follow the data privacy act to the letter. On our website, we solely collect your personal data for the necessary technical service, and we assure you that your data will be kept safe from third parties at all time. To get an impression of how we safeguard your privacy, we suggest you to read the following:


1. Elicitation and editing of data

Every time you access our homepage, and every processing request you do will be minuted. The stored data is only used for internal and system-related issues. We minute: Name of file, date and time of access, amount of data, IP address, and web browser inquiring domain.


Advanced private data will merely be recorded if desired; for instance in the progress of a delivery or registration.


2. Utilization and circulation of data

Your private data is only kept to help us answering your questions. Remember that giving us your private information (Email, name, address) is optional. As far as practicable, it is possible for you to hold back your private information or to use a pseudonym.


The utilization of your data; such as address, telephone number, or e-mail; by third parties is prohibited. Legal action will be taken against consignors of so-called “ Spam-mails.”


Your private data will only be passed on to third parties if it is necessary for the processing of contracts (ex. Order data is circulated to deliverer). You have the right to revoke your permission at all times. If revoked, your personal data will instantly be deleted.


3. Right to information

If you wish to be informed about your private data, feel free to send us a written inquiry.


4. Security advice

We endeavour to keep your data safe from third parties at all time. However; since we are not able to ensure the complete protection of your data while communicating via email, we advise you to contact us by mail when giving us confidential information.