The use of our online- shop is made very simple.

There are a few ways how you can get to the certain products:


  1. by entering the product- code into the search-function
  2. by choosing a product from our online- catalogue
  3. by choosing a product from the product menu























If you do not have a customer- ID yet, please fill in the boxes about you and your address and click on continue.




Moving the cursor over the surface of our online- shop, you will see the menu bar changing its colour or opening automatically, when touching it.

Choose a specific menu item with the cursor and “click” on it.


On the right- handed example, the cursor is placed on the category “New” and afterwards moved onto the subcategory of “Furniture”


By clicking on this categoray, you open an overview about all newly available products.





Moving the cursor onto one product- image of the overview, a short-information about this certain product, including price and short-description, appears.


In our example screenshot, the cursor touches the product of “sideboard TV, sliding doors”


For receiving a detailed product information you have to click onto the preview image.





For ordering a product, you now have to choose the certain article, then choose the desired number of pieces and click on the little shopping cart.





The number and value of the selected products is displayed in the right upper corner next to “shopping basket”.

For entering the shopping basket you have to click on “shopping basket”.





In the shopping basket- menu you find all selected products listed, so you can verify and change your order or remove products from your shopping basket. To continue the order process click on “Begin checkout”.


If the shopping basket is not displayed, the scripting of Java- Applets is deactivated in your browser. With the following link, you get to a tutorial, which guides you through the process of activating Java Applets.





Now you have to read the general terms and conditions and confirm them, by clicking on the box.

Then click on continue.






In case you have ordered products from us before, you already had received a customer- ID and a password. Indicating these data, your address- information will be loaded automatically.






























If you do not have a customer- ID yet, please fill in the boxes about you and your address and click on continue.






























At the following pages you can give information about:

  • Delivery address
  • A timeframe, in which you do

          not want the delivery to arrive.

  • Method of payment






Afterwards you have to confirm the provided information, for activating the order




Activating of Java- Applets


  • Choose the category “Extras” from the

           internet browser menu, then pick

           “internetoptionen” from Extras.

  • Choose the tab “Sicherheit ( Safety)”





  •  Click on …     “stufe anpassen…”







  • Scroll down to ca. the half of the list and choose “Aktivierung” at the point of “Skripting von Java Applets”.

  • Confirm, by clicking on OK.