Required materials:

Fine sandpaper ( e.g. 220 grain  size)

Protective gloves

Glaze- Finish


Steelwool ( medium degree of hardness)

Previous work(ing):

First, try glaze- finish on a, later, hidden place for testing the colouration of wood ( e.g. on furniture’s  back, or bottom side)

Step 1:

Wood surface needs to be dry, dirt- and fat- free. Whet the surface in the direction of grain and dust it. 

Step 2:

Apply glaze- finish thinly and evenly on surface in the direction of grain and let dry.


Step 3:

Intermediate sanding with 220 grain, always in the direction of grain. Thoroughly remove the dust afterwards.



Step 4:

Apply second coat and let dry.


Step 5:

After- treatment of wood surface with steelwool ( medium degree of hardness) in the direction of texture for achieving silky lustre.