Required materials:

Fine sandpaper ( 220 grain size)

Protective gloves

Primer paint


Flat brush

Brush cleaner

Steel wool (medium degree of hardness)


Step 1:

Wood surface needs to be dry, dirt- and fat- free. Whet the surface in the direction of grain and dust it.


Step 2:

Apply solvent- containing primer paint thinly and evenly in grain direction, with flat brush. Let dry.



Step 3:

Intermediate sanding with 220 grain, always in the direction of grain. Thoroughly remove the dust afterwards.


Step 4:

Apply desired varnish in grain direction with flat brush. Let dry.


Step 5:

If the varnish does not entirely cover the surface yet, repeat intermediate sanding with 220 grainsize. Remove sanding dust, varnish thinly and evenly again.